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Nov 18, 2020

Whale Lighthouse in Ré Island

The Whale Lighthouse is a well-known lighthouse located at the tip of the Ile de Ré, not far from St Clément des Baleines. It measures 57 m in height and was built from 1849.

It was built to replace the old lighthouse designed by Vauban, turned into a museum. You will also find not far from there the semaphore of the French Navy.

You can visit the lighthouse (entrance fee) and climb to the top to enjoy the view using the spiral staircase of 257 steps high. You will then see the whale lighthouse, located 3 km from the tip of the whale lighthouse.

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Île de Ré is a beautiful island on the west coast of France, close to the well-known city of La Rochelle. One of the best place to relax and enjoy sunny days

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