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The church of  Ste Radegonde in Talmont sur Gironde

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Dec 2, 2020

The church of  Ste Radegonde in Talmont sur Gironde

The church of  Ste Radegonde in Talmont sur Gironde is located on the promontory of Talmont and is visible from Meschers Sur Gironde. It is bordered on one side by the cliff, and on the other side by the marine cemetery. It is in Romanesque style and is dedicated to Ste Radegonde. Part of the building is lost due to the collapse of the cliff.

You can enjoy this unique church, dedicated to a Thuringian princess, who became queen of the Franks by marrying Clotaire I, son of Clovis. Very close is the marine cemetery filled with hollyhocks in season.

Talmont is a village located on the right bank of the Gironde estuary near the towns of Meschers sur Gironde and St Georges de Didonne. It is remarkable because it is located on a peninsula. It used to be a ‘closed’, fortified town. It is very pleasant to walk on foot in the small alleys lined with hollyhocks.

It is easy to get to Meschers sur Gironde and along the coast, and St Georges de Didonne by crossing the forest of Suzac. You can also get to Royan by taking the ring road.

Not far from Talmont, is the village of Meschers sur Gironde, and its many places to discover: start with the church of St Saturnin, then the port of Meschers. Then, head towards the cliffs and its famous squares, then discover the beaches: the Conche de Cadet, the Plage des Nonnes and the Plage des Vergnes.

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Talmont sur Gironde is a beautiful village located on a promontory above the Gironde estuary. It used to be a ‘closed’ town, located on a peninsula, very pleasant for walking.

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