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Rent a vacation house with no commission

Nov 20, 2020 by alexantoine-arts

Rent a vacation house with no commission

 Get a direct link with owners and a better price

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Commission-free Vacation Rentals in France

Why register on our website?

Become a host – no commission

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As we are also travelers, we don’t want to charge any commission for a Vacation Rental. This is free for travelers, and owners can offer better price because they don’t pay any commission

Get a better price

We don’t take any commission. You can have better price, because  you won’t pay a commission to OTA’S. And you have the same service!

Save money

We don’t take any commission, nor to owners, neither to customers. You can save  a part of the money that you would usually give to OTA’s. For better holidays!

Rent a vacation house with no commission


Become a host – no commission  Is it really free of charge?

Yes. Completely.

Become a host – no commissionHow is it possible?

It is possible because Loclilala doesn’t take money that should go to owners, or travelers. We just want our website to be well-knowned, host to fill their planning,  and this will be enough for us.

Become a host – no commissionHow much is it beneficial?

Usually, depending of terms and conditions,  OTA’s can take between 10-17 % of the price for a room or a rental ( either  from owner, from customer, or from both). This leaves a huge room for you to adjust your price, and earn more money.

So with Loclilala, Rent a vacation house directly from the owner

Become a host – no commissionWhy should I register?

We are also travelers. We are fed up with fees and commissions given to OTA’s. That’s why we  offer a solution for travelers to get better price, and  help travelers to get more money.

Become a host – no commissionHow I can I know that you won’t ask me 10% of my income next year?

As far as we will manage this website, and because we are also travelers, we won’t charge anything else than the price to register on our website. And we are sure this will make our success!

Louez votre maison – pas de commission !  Will I find all vacation rental on your website?

Not for now. But if you want a vacation house to be on our website, and then save money the next time you rent, tell them about us!

Rent a vacation house with no commission

location de vacances sans commission