Rent your house with no commission

Get a direct connection with travelers

Offer a better price, save more money


Get a direct link with travelers

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Rent your house with no commission

Commission-free vacation rentals, how is it possible?

Only one annual payement!

It is possible, because we only you one annual payement, that covers the expenses of this website and our small company.
Then we don’t need to ask a commission.

Why should you trust us?

No commission, we don't need it!

We take that engagement not to take any fee, or any commission on the vacation rentals on our website. We work with a company who allows our website to be viewed on The Internet.

Save money, offer better price

How is it possible?

Because we don’t take any commission, you can both save more money, and offer better price to travelers.

Commission-free Vacation Rentals in France

Welcome on Loclilala

As you, we are Vacation Rental owners 

Loclilala is a dedicated website for Commission-free Vacation Rental and Hôtel rooms.  It is a useful online showroom for rental owners in France.

Our goal is to help Vacation rental owners to:

Have great benefits for their hard work, maintaining their vacation rental

Make a direct link with travelers, by giving full access to the owner’s information.

Commission-free Vacation Rentals in France

Advertise at a low price!

 Register on Loclilala-vacances.com is very cheap!

We ask Vacation Rental Owners only one annual fee. And it is very cheap!

With that:

We connect travelers with you.

We advertise your Vacation Rental


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We are a small company, you can rely on us!

Commission-free Vacation Rentals in France

Loclilala is a small company

We are a small company, located in France

As Loclilala is a small company, it allows you to rent your house with only a very cheap annual subscription

Without paying any commission or extra-fee

Managing yourself the city taxe

Being free to manage your planning

Being free to manage your price

Only benefits!

Commission-free Vacation Rentals in France

We rely on you!

We rely on you to make the best choice!

We rely on you to make the best choice, simple, responsible, and which is better for owners and for travelers.

This choice – our goal – is to create and maintain a direct link between travelers and owners.

This will make the success of Loclilala-Vacances.com

Help us, you will be rewarded!

Need more information?

You think about renting your house during vacation period? You may have to tink about the regulation and rules in France. Read the article Vacation Rental regulation in France  

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Register on Loclilala-Vacances.com is first of all helping travelers and owners by offering the lower price possible, with the same service. And a direct link!

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