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Visit Concarneau: guide to the best sights and activities

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May 1, 2024


Visit Concarneau – guide to the best sights and activities


Discover Concarneau, the pearl of Finistère and the jewel of Brittany, where maritime history, exceptional heritage and gastronomy come together to offer an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for a cultural adventure, a moment of relaxation by the sea, or a dive into the heart of Breton tradition, Concarneau will meet all your expectations. This guide will take you through the must-sees of Concarneau and offer practical tips for a memorable trip.

The emblematic Ville Close, a fifteenth-century citadel, is the beating heart of Concarneau. Explore its cobbled streets, historic houses, the Fishing Museum, the Château de Keriolet, and admire the breathtaking views of the bay. Taste local delicacies such as kouign amann or typical pancakes in this historic setting.

Concarneau is also an invitation to the pleasures of the sea, with its fine sandy beaches, varied water activities, and the possibility of exploring the Glénan Islands. Don’t miss a visit to the surrounding area, such as Pont-Aven or the Fouesnant forest, for a complete immersion in the beauty of Brittany.

Finally, take part in local festivities, such as the Filets Bleus festival, a vibrant tribute to maritime heritage, or theLivre & Mer, a celebration of maritime literature. Make a stop at the Concarneau Tourist Office in Pont-Aven for more ideas on what to do to do.

Discover the historic charm of Concarneau

Known for its remarkable historical heritage, Concarneau embodies the richness of its maritime past and its strategic role of yesteryear. Must-sees include three iconic sites: the Ville Close, the Château de Keriolet, and the Musée de la Pêche, each of which shines with its own interest and beauty.

The walled city: a fortified jewel

In the heart of Concarneau is the Ville Close, a fortified city built on an island and connected to the mainland by a bridge. Built in the fifteenth century and revised by the architect Vauban in the seventeenth century, it offers an authentic and picturesque décor. Visitors discover cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, the church of Saint-Guénolé, the chapel of the Hospital, and can admire the bay from the ramparts. It is also the perfect place to enjoy local specialties such as kouign amann, far breton, and pancakes.

Visit the walled town of Concarneau

walled town of Concarneau

The Château de Keriolet: a dive into local history

A short distance from Beuzec-Conq, the neo-Gothic style Château de Keriolet stands proudly. It was erected in the nineteenth century by Count Charles de Chauveau and his wife, Princess Zénaïde Youssoupoff, from an astonishing marriage between France and Russia. Their efforts transformed a thirteenth-century mansion into a nineteenth-century architectural masterpiece. Visitors are invited to explore its sumptuous rooms, including the guardroom, dining room, library, and chapel.

The Fishing Museum: the maritime soul of Concarneau

Located in the former arsenal on rue Vauban, in the Ville Close, The Fishing Museum captures the maritime essence of Concarneau through an exceptional collection dedicated to the history of fishing. Real boats, models, aquariums, display cases and videos tell the story of the evolution of this activity since ancient times. The highlight of the tour is the Hémérica, a trawler moored at the museum’s dock, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the life of fishermen at sea.

The must-see outdoor activities in Concarneau

Concarneau seduces nature and outdoor adventure enthusiasts with its wide range of activities: from walks and water sports to hiking and relaxing at the beach. Here are some ideas to enrich your experience.

Walks and hikes: the GR34 and the Corniche de Concarneau

Walking enthusiasts will be delighted in Concarneau, especially thanks to the GR34. This mythical path borders the Breton coast and allows you to explore diverse landscapes: beaches, cliffs, ports and islands. It will take you through emblematic sites such as the Ville Close, the Pointe du Cabellou, the Sables Blancs beach, the Pointe de Trévignon and even to the town of Pont-Aven.

The Corniche de Concarneau, another walking option, takes you along the sea from the marina to the beach of Les Sables Blancs. Enjoy stunning views of the bay, the walled city, and the Glénan as you discover the benches, playgrounds, and green spaces along the way.

The beaches of Concarneau: from idleness to water sports

The fine sandy beaches of Concarneau invite you to relax and enjoy a wide range of water activities. Les Sables Blancs beach is famous for its pristine sand and crystal clear waters, also home to a nautical base for sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding or surfing.

Other beaches, such as Cornouaille, the closest to the centre, Belle Etoile, surrounded by pine trees, or Kernous, an unspoilt cove, are also worth a visit.

You can of course go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Fouesnant to discover other horizons.

The Marinarium: discovering marine biodiversity

The Marinarium is an essential stop for lovers of underwater life. Part of the world’s oldest active marine biology station, this centre offers exhibitions, events and aquariums to explore marine life, both local and exotic.

A visit to the large 120,000-litre pool, populated by sea bass, pollack, crustaceans and molluscs, is particularly fascinating.

Cultural Experiences & Festivities in Concarneau

Concarneau, with its constant dynamism, invites visitors to discover a wide range of events and entertainment throughout the year. Whether your passion lies in music, dance, literature, or gastronomy, Concarneau offers you a multitude of opportunities to have fun and enrich your cultural experience. Discover below some must-do activities for a cultural and festive adventure in Concarneau.

The Filets Bleus festival: immersion in Breton tradition

Founded in 1905 to support fishermen in difficulty during the sardine crisis, the Filets Bleus festival is the oldest festival in Brittany, if not France. Today, it represents the celebration of Concarneau’s maritime and cultural heritage, offering a variety of concerts, shows, parades, exhibitions, entertainment and tasting opportunities.

Held in August, this festival takes place along the quays, at the foot of the Ville Close. The grand parade on Sunday is the highlight of the show, bringing together more than 2,000 participants in traditional costumes.

Boat Trip: Explore the Shores

From Concarneau, embark on a boat trip and discover the wonders of the shores of Southern Brittany. Sea excursions to exquisite destinations are offered by several companies. Imagine sailing to the Glénan Islands, with their crystal clear waters where you can swim, walk or visit the famous nautical center. You can also imagine sailing in Bénodet, to change your habits a little.

The Aven and Bélon rivers, offering scenic cruises through green landscapes and charming villages such as Pont-Aven, are also perfect choices. A one-hour cruise on the Popeye4, a boat shining like the sun, will allow you to admire the bay of Concarneau, the fishing port, the shipyards, the Ville Close, and the Pointe du Cabellou.

Visit the surroundings of Concarneau, the aven and the belon

Visit the surroundings of Concarneau, the aven and the belon


Guided tour of the walled city and its surroundings

For those wishing to dive deeper into the history and heritage of Concarneau, a guided tour in the company of a guide-lecturer, approved by the Ministry of Culture, is essential. Enjoy enriching information and fascinating anecdotes about the Walled City, its architecture, monuments and secrets.

The tour will also give you access to some fortifications, offering spectacular views of the bay and marina. These tours, which last approximately an hour and a half, are available every Sunday at 3 p.m., outside the summer season.


Concarneau is a must-see destination for those wishing to discover the riches of Brittany. Its historical legacy, beautiful landscapes, delicious gastronomy and vibrant culture promise an unforgettable experience. Among the must-sees, the Ville Close stands out as a fortified treasure of the fifteenth century, while the Château de Keriolet amazes with its neo-Gothic elegance, and the Musée de la Pêche offers a fascinating insight into Concarne’s maritime history.

Nature lovers will be delighted by the fine sandy beaches, such as Les Sables Blancs, and by the endless possibilities of walks and hikes along the GR34 or the Corniche de Concarneau. Boat trips to the islands of Glénan or along the Aven or Bélon rivers are also memorable experiences. Also, be sure to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by taking part in events such as the Filets Bleus festival, which celebrates Breton culture, or the Livre & Mer festival, dedicated to maritime literature.

It’s time to plan your trip to Concarneau to experience these discoveries for yourself. An enchanting stay awaits you in this city of many charms. You won’t regret it!


Where to go for a walk in Concarneau?

In Concarneau, various walking activities are available to you. Explore the Ville Close, a beautiful walled city located on an island. For a unique experience, embark on a boat trip to the enchanting islands of the Glénan archipelago. Lovers of relaxation and water sports will find what they are looking for on the local beaches. Be sure to visit the fishing museum, the exciting marinarium or the elegant Château de Keriolet. Don’t hesitate to ask about the marine spa in Concarneau, for a moment of well-being. 

Why is Concarneau called the Blue City?

Concarneau’s reputation as a ‘blue town’ has its origins in the historic use of blue fishing nets by local fishermen. This technique, designed to deceive the sardines with a colour that blends in with that of the sea, has left its mark on the culture and history of the city. The Fête des Filets Bleus, an event celebrating this tradition, highlights the importance of this heritage.

What is Concarneau known for?

Concarneau is renowned for its Ville Close, a remarkable fortified city from the Middle Ages, which is one of the most popular attractions in Brittany. In addition, the city is renowned for its vibrant fishing port, ranked first in Europe for tuna fishing and third in France, adding to its prestige and attractiveness.

What is market day in Concarneau?

The traditional market of Concarneau is held every Friday morning, from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. More than 200 merchants offer a variety of food and non-food products, creating a lively and colorful atmosphere. The market comes alive from the covered market to the marina, offering an authentic experience of local life.

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